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Finding Connection

We are one year in to our journey. This year has been joyous, heart warming and a huge learning curve. We have made so many genuine connections along the way and this is a little post about why genuine connection is important in such a fast paced world. Where we spend more and more time behind our screens and less time outdoors and speaking to people face to face. 
Womens Blouse | Linen  Blouse  | Vintage Style | Peplum Top  | Size 6-20 | sustainable fashion brand     
Withnell, has pushed myself and the business away from my cosy home and studio and out into the wide world. I have found this both exposing and freeing.  As a maker, my products have come from my head and my hands and showing them to the world makes you feel vulnerable.
I have found though, the world of small business is full of genuine support and advice. Much of the best advice has come from other business owners who I have met at Craft Markets & Art Fairs so thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Going to these markets and showing Withnell garments has introduced me to so many like minded people and customers who truly care about a more ethical and sustainable future. It has been enlightening and made me so warm on the inside to know that there are many flying the flag for a slower, sustainable fashion economy.  
Sharing skills and knowledge is important for the next generation to learn and grow from the mistakes made in the past. I am so passionate about sharing the things I know about sustainability, designing and creating and encourage other makers to do the same. This is a journey and we still have a long way to go. We will adapt and evolve as we gain more knowledge and find better and more responsible options.
I have found genuine connections through embracing my local community and seeking out other makers to share ideas and our hopes and dreams for the future.
I do hope 2024 has more of this in store. We plan to broaden our horizons even further and venture to other counties to share our clothing and brand.
Womens Jacket | Canvas Jacket With Pockets | Size 6-24 | sustainable fashion brand
Small business owners really are some of the most helpful people I know. I recently  worked with Droyt a soap manufacturer based here in Chorley, the North West of England. Droyt have been traditionally making soap since the 1800s. Droyt is situated in an old victorian cotton mill. Rachelle from Droyt thought that it would be a brilliant location for a Withnell photo shoot. She was right, it was like going back in time. Droyt have a long history and provenance of making soap for over 100 years. Originally from Belarus and then Berlin, they moved to the UK to escape the Nazi regime. They have been in Chorley since the 1930's and their heritage still lives on. They are still hand making soap in the traditional way using original equipment.
I have learnt that by being brave and putting yourself out there brings many rewards.   People will help you and many love to share their knowledge and expertise.It's true what they say "your vibe attracts your tribe."
As many of you already know. Starting Withnell was a leap of faith. I never thought I would meet so many lovely people in my mid 50s but I have made friends for life building this business. It has meant I can spend less time in front of the screen and more time making. My relationships with my friends and family have become closer and they are huge supporters of Withnell. If you'd like to be a part of our community please join our newsletter so we can have more chats like this!
Best Wishes,
Take care on these dark nights, 
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