Our Commitment

When we started on this journey, we soon realised how difficult it is to  find materials that are made in the UK.  As a small developing brand it becomes even more difficult because understandably, some manufacturers have large minimum order quantities.  This would never be an option for us because it would be too expensive and more importantly we have committed to only purchasing what we will use.
We are happy to say that we buy UK products wherever possible and if this is not an option then we go through a UK merchant. Many of these merchants  were historically manufacturers but sadly they have not been able to compete with cheap imports and so have become merchants rather than  manufacturers.
We want you to know what is in your garment and where the materials are coming from. 
We chose to use only natural fibres that are from the earth and can be returned to the earth at the end of their hopefully, long journey. We buy organic cloth, sustainably sourced cloth and Oeko Tex certified cloth. 
When you buy a hand made Withnell garment you are also supporting many other UK makers and merchants. 
Linen Cloth
Northern Ireland - Irish linen is woven and finished  in Ireland, unfortunately it is not grown and processed into yarn there  any more, it comes from France,  Belgium and other Eastern European countries.
 East Sussex, England -  A UK merchant who sources from around the world.
Organic Cloth
Mid Wales - A UK merchant who sources from India and Turkey.
Cotton Cloth
Todmorden England - A Uk merchant who sources from around the world. The company is a family business that  started in Manchester in 1869, by one of the original ancestors of the current Managing Director. 
Bespoke Printed Cloth
Withnell original prints are designed in house and printed on natural fibres. Currently we are using cotton poplin. 
Evesham England - A UK digital printer.
Colne, Lancashire , England - A family business since 1927
 Wiltshire, England - A maker who makes  their own buttons in the UK from natural corozo, shell and horn 
London, England - A merchant supplying many natural and organic resources, shell and horn buttons
Carnforth, Lancashire - A company with a long history and heritage that goes back to 1749 
Cotton Lace & Cotton Elastic
London, England - A merchant supplying many natural and organic resources.
Derbyshire, England - A manufacturer of traditional leavers lace since 1845
Brand & size labels 
Derby, England - A company who produce labels on 100% cotton.
Leicestershire, England - Our swing tickets, care guide, repair kits, thank you cards and  stickers are all designed at Withnell Studio and printed on recycled paper or card. 
Coppull, Lancashire -  All 100% biodegradable packaging made in the UK.