Lifetime Repairs


Our aim is to strive towards  a circular fashion model. A model where we can change our relationship with fashion and learnt to love and respect the journey our garments take.
We started by carefully considering our design process to produce great quality garments that will last and be of value. This is a very artisan, hands on approach which means that we are involved in the whole process and control production.
Our garments are all made to order so that time, energy and materials are not wasted. 
Withnell garments are made to last and we want to sustain their life within your wardrobe. Every Withnell item comes with its own repair kit so that minor every day wear and tear can be mended at home. Our repair kits may include: matching threads, needle and trims included in your garment such as a spare button.  To minimise waste, we use cloth  left over after cutting  to make the repair kits.     
 For more difficult repairs, garments can be returned to us and we will repair them to keep them loved and alive for longer. See section 5 of our TERMS AND CONDITIONS page for full details.