"You are responsible for what you put into the world. And you are responsible for the effects those things have upon the world. As long as you are a designer, you have a responsibility to make the world better for the rest of humanity. If you are a designer, you are a human being first."

( Mike Monteiro, Ruined by Design)

 Every part of Withnell has grown organically from dreams and passions.
I  wanted to create quality garments that had everything I am inspired by woven into them.  I love the process of creating something with a story and like to link my history and heritage to the design process. However by creating something  and bringing life to new garments I take my responsibility as a designer seriously. 
I have no intention of creating range upon range of ready made garment to sell. Instead I am following a slower path, making to order and only introducing new pieces as they are imagined.  Designs are distinctly different and versatile with quality and comfort my highest priority.  
 Withnell garments cost more initially (because they are hand-made) but when you purchase something of  value you are more likely to look after it and wear it often. Longevity is one of the ways we take our design responsibility seriously. 
Not Costing The Earth
We pride ourselves on our workmanship and everything is made with ultimate care and  attention to detail.  I source natural fabrics from reputable sources and so our garments are sold at a retail price that  reflecting fairly  the time we put in to every order and the higher price of quality, small quantity, sustainable materials.  I love to support UK manufacturers and merchants and  other small family businesses, wherever I can. 

As Nature Intended
Fabrics, threads and trims are all made from natural fibres, from the thread I stitch with, the labels I  insert to the materials for each style.  They are often organic, and OEKO-TEX-certified natural fibres.  Our linen is from Northern Ireland or Eastern Europe  and both mills are powered by clean electricity.  I use eco-friendly Corozo buttons made from the South American tagua nut, made into buttons in the UK. if I use elastic, I choose  organic cotton and natural rubber, to ensure every component is biodegradable and recyclable.  
Considered Choices
Our business model is made to order so that nothing  is wasted.  I work from my home studio and  there are no travel costs involved. I use two machines to sew with  one of which has been with me since I was 18.
The  models we use are real people in a variety of ages, shapes and sizes and natural photography  is how we portray our garments. 
All Withnell packaging is  recyclable and bio-degradable. We use Royal Mail as they have a low carbon footprint. A great deal of their deliveries are still on foot. 
Every decision made  is mindfully considered.  
Withnell is  a fledgeling brand  and we are on a journey of many lessons to always consider our choices and responsibilities.  We will constantly review and improve our practice. 


 I hope that our values are your values too  and that you consider these when you purchase.